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Monies earned from JAMPACT's annual fundraisers and contributions, supports JAMPACT's various charitable programs, policy initiatives and general administration. For specific details on recent charitable events and donations please click on Our Work. In addition, JAMPACT also provides information on recent tax filings upon request.

JAMPACT’s Major Special Events and Fundraisers include:

  • Shoe Box School Supplies & Toy Drive

In 2008, JAMPACT reintroduced its annual school supplies and toy drive. Through drop-off locations dispersed across 4 boroughs in New York, JAMPACT collected a range of school-related items and toys wrapped from generous donors of all ages, which were then sent to Kingston, Jamaica and divided amongst our four adopted basic schools-- Crescent Road, Coles, St. Steven's, and Maxfield Park Children’s Home Basic Schools.

In 2009, JAMPACT achieved its goal of sending 1,000 backpacks and school supplies to the children at our adopted schools as well as those in the neighboring communities. CLICK HERE to Inquire about the School Supplies & Toy Drive.

  • Annual Christmas Treats

Each year JAMPACT hosts Christmas Treats, which provide a day of fun, food and gifts for the teachers, children and staff of each of the adopted schools in Kingston, Jamaica. The classrooms receive extra items to enhance their play areas, such as magnetic alphabets, number sets and Legos. Additionally schools receive recreational items i.e. balls, jump ropes, teaching aids in math, science, language arts, notebooks, reading books, paper and crayons. Subject to the availability of funds JAMPACT assists schools in need of infrastructure development.

"Every year we look forward to this Christmas Treat and the bonus presents which add so much to our classrooms. The children are happy to see the visitors and the community turns out in large numbers," said Mrs. Bennett, Principal of Crescent Rd. Basic School.

  • Annual Fashion Show

On September 20, 2008, JAMPACT held its inaugural Fashion Show to raise funds for our basic schools. This annual event, themed "Roots, Rockin’, Royal", features several Jamaican/Caribbean inspired clothing lines exhibiting the latest ensembles, along with performances by special guest artistes.

  • JAMPACT Christmas Cards

Christmas cards are created by children from JAMPACT’s adopted basic schools. Using their creative minds, holiday drawings are made on blank cards, which are then sold to the public. The children enjoy this activity, as it is their way of taking initiative to ensure their academic future while showing gratitude for the items donated to their school.

  • JAMPACT Raffle

To further support fundraising efforts, JAMPACT hosts raffle drawings throughout the year. Prizes are given to winners for their participation in furthering JAMPACT's mission.

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